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As a client, it is important to make a good first impression with your escort. The best way to do this is by putting your foot forward when meeting for the first time. While it is very difficult to completely offend an escort, but you just want to ensure you do no put them off of make them dread being with you.  establishing a great first impression does not take much. Keep in mind that culture, good looks and charm won’t cut it.

Here is how to make your escort think highly of you

Be well spoken

Being well spoken gives you plenty of points from the start. When you start communicating with the escort over phone or even through email, they will create a narrative over their head. Even if they have seen your pictures, their notion of your character is influenced in the way you guys communicate. While lengthy texts and emails prior to first encounter are not encourages, escorts appreciate clients who are pleasant and ask direct and clear questions.

Dress the part

Dress appropriately when you are going for the first date and all other meetings with an escort. It is not acceptable to show up work or sweaty gym clothes. When you arrive groomed and nicely dresses, it shows that you respect the escort.

Do your research

You should always do plenty of research prior to encountering the escort, skim through their profile so you can get to know her more. This can give you ideas on what to talk about during the encounter. It also shows that you are interested in them and put in a little effort at least. With this information, you can choose the most comfortable meeting place to make them more at ease.

Do not judge

Even before you call an escort agency, you should be open to the ideas and be open minded about the people working in this field. Your escort is most likely not going to judge you and your lifestyle so do not judge theirs.

During the date;

ExchangeEye contact

Maintaining eye contact shows respect, interest as well as confidence. I understand that your escort may have a nice body but it would be rude to stare. Eye contact is important, especially when you are communicating.

Smile when you meet them

Smiling is a great way to break the ice and get comfortable around each other. A smile indicates that you are comfortable, happy and ready to enjoy the experience with your escort. When you smile, you get a smile back indicating mutual feelings of comfort and friendliness.

Show off your sense of humor

Laughter can be an ice breaker when you are feeling stuck on the conversation. The initial meeting between the client ad escort can be a bit boring or uncomfortable. Sharing a good laugh can immediately remove any nervousness discomfort and anxiety between the two of you. poke some fun, crack some jokes and be charming to create a sense of humor that will encourage you guys to let your guard down and get comfortable.