Best Place For Shopping in Vadodara

As we know Vadodara is the one of the best tourist spot as well as a shopper’s paradise. This city is dotted with a number of shops and malls around the city. Here we will provide some important information regarding place where you can do shopping and get good stuff. This industrial city is famous for various types of furniture, textiles and handicraft items. These are the place where you can do shopping Roopura, Mandvi, Teen Darwaza and Lehripura Mandir bazaars are some the shopping areas. Some shopping malls in Vadodara Alkapuri and National Plaza are the major shopping malls in the city. Best vegetable market is located adjacent to the Khanderao Market that is known for retail and wholesale vegetable selling apart from the fresh flower market.

Nearby Attraction in Vadodara

Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Gruh
Mahatam Gandhi Nagar Located near Jubilee Baug, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Gruh is the town hall of the city which was constructed in 1954. This fully air conditioned hall that has a capacity of accommodating thousands people at a time is used for various cultural functions. It has three dressing rooms and a statue of Mahatma Gandhi is located within the compound.

Khanderao Market
Khanderao Market is a palatial building erected by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in the year 1906 which was later gifted to the Municipality to mark the Silver Jubilee of his administration. The architecture of the main entrance looks like that of the gate of Dabhoi Fort. The building houses many offices including the office of Baroda Municipal Corporation. Nearby the Khanderao Market, a fresh vegetable and flower market is also located.

The charming Lalbaug garden located 4kms from the city is one of the major attractions of Vadodara. With the colorful plants, cool breeze and the adjoining play park, Lalbaug has become a popular hangout of the tourist as well as locals.

Lehripura Gate
Located near Nyay Mandir, Lehripura Gate is an impressive structure with beautiful arches. It was built in 1558 as the western gateway to the old city. Now-a-days this area is a busy market place selling traditional Gujarati and Marwari artifacts.

Mandvi Gate
Mandvi Gate, one of the major landmarks of Vadodara built during the Mughal period was renovated in 1736 AD by the Governor, Malharoa Maloji under the orders of Damaji Roa II. Located 3 kms from the city, this impressive square shaped pavilion has three bold arched openings on each of its four sides. It is illuminated on special occasions. Earlier it might be a market place, intermingled by two large streets separating in to four part that meet in the center.

Nyay Mandir
Literally means temple of justice, Nyay Mandir, is a unique piece of Byzantine architecture by the Madras architect Robert Fellowes Chisholm in the year 1896. Located at a distance of 4kms from the city besides the sursagar lake, it houses the District Court of Baroda. The central hall of the building is beautified with mosaic tiles and there is a statue of Maharani Chimnabai, the first consort of the Gaekwar Maharaja Sayaji Rao III.

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