Vadodara City Points of Interest

Vadodara also called Baroda is one the most populated city in Gujarat state. Vadodara has an area of approx. 200 with 2million people.  Vadodara is situated on the bank of “Viswamitri” River. The name Viswamitri is named after the great sage “Viswamitra”.  This city is called as “Virakshetra” (The land of warriors) and also known as “Vadapatraka” called belly of a banyan tree. Later at the time of English rulers, its name mentioned as Brodera or Badora. After independence, its name officially changed to Vadodara.

Vadodara is the cultural capital in Gujarat, so called named as “Sanskar Nagri” we can see an ever changing rich heritage and culture of India with various identities.

Vadodara has been ruled by different rulers from Jains to Gaekwads from 8th Century to Independence.  Gaekwad Maharajas ruled the kingdom until it acceded to Independent Republic of India in 1949. Many prominent places in Vadodara have been built by Gaekwads.

Places to Visit

There are many prominent places to visit in Vadodara like TheLakshmi vilas palace, Kamati Baug and many more.

Lakshmivilas Palace is a Grandeur built by Maharaja sayaji rao gaekwad III in 1890. It is almost 4 times of the size of Buckingham palace.  It is considered as largest private building built to date.  It covers almost 500 acres including Moti baug and Fateh singh museum.  Now it is open to the public to tour the palace.

Sayaji baug (Kamati baug) considered as one of the largest gardens in India, with over 100 species of trees and spread across 110 acres. It was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Geakwad III and dedicated to people of Vadodara. This garden includes a Zoo and a planetarium.


One of the renowned universities in India the Maharaja Sayajirao University was situated in Vadodara. It is originally established as Baroda College in 1881. After Independence, it was renamed as Maharaja Sayajirao University. Now Vadodara is becoming the educational hub to Gujarat. Country’s first Railway University is to be set in Vadodara as development institute for officers of Indian railways.

Economic development

Unlike development developing few areas, Vadodara is developed in almost every part of the city. Well developed internal roads and connections to Highways make this development easy.

India’s first expressway is another gift to the city which helps the economic development of the city. Through this connection to the commercial hub of Gujarat Ahmadabad, travel time decreases to one hour from two and half hours.

Vadodara has rail and air connections to major cities in India. Now there is also an international terminal in Vadodara airport inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra modi in 2016. It is the 2nd Green airport in India.  Vadodara Junction has one of the biggest railway junctions in India with around 150 trains’ starts or passes or ends through this station every day.

Industrial Infrastructure

Vadodara is one of the fast developing cities in Gujarat. Some of the main reasons are High literacy rate, urbanization and infrastructure development. There are around 18000 small industries and several industrial industries like GACL and GSFC have manufacturing units.  Major investments are from biotech, chemicals and petrochemicals.


Vadodara is now considering as a Cosmopolitan city with all-round development in infrastructure, education, high quality of living with less cost of living compared to Ahmadabad. Vadodara is the becoming better and better with its ever changing rich culture and improvements in its facilities to live in peace.

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